Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Watching the Blue Jays

I'm watching yet another baseball game tonight. The Toronto Blue Jays vs the Boston Red Sox. Toronto is beating them badly again. Boston seems to be playing very sloppily lately. Which is great timing for Toronto who have 3 of their best players out with injuries.

I go through periods of following baseball and it looks like this is a good year to follow the Blue Jays. A friend is a Red Sox fan and was teasing when Toronto was losing, he's a bit quieter these days.

Baseball is one sport I can watch and do other things at the same time. I usually do some writing or research while watching the game.

I have three favorite teams. Blue Jays first, followed by Yankees, followed by the Red Sox. But when the Jays are playing those teams I only have one love.

I have fond memories of the two years in a row that Toronto won the World Series. I was living in Toronto at the time and it was crazy. I bought all the merchandise that I could find :)

I have no illusions, I know there is still a long way to go until October and anything can happen. I do know whomever is in the World Series, I will be watching.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Today's breakfast. blueberry pancakes, fresh strawberries and real maple syrup. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reality TV: X-Factor vs America's Got Talent

I'm watching the finale of America's Got Talent. Passing on X-Factor for tonight. Interesting there are two shows so similar...with a few differences.

It's as if everyone has forgotten that if you want to be a star you have to work for it. Many people try out for these two shows and if they don't make it they think their lives are over. There is more than one way to make it in the entertainment businesses. Most of the people from these shows disappear, not many have long lasting careers. American Idol seems to be the exception.



Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, LA Reece, and Demi Lovato. I didn't know what to expect with Britney Spears but she seems to be doing an okay job so far. I have only watched one episode. It really looks like she has come through the other side relatively sane. I still love Simon. I like his honesty. He seems nicer on here than he did on American Idol.

America's Got Talent

Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne. I was pleasantly surprise by Howard Stern and find him quite entertaining. I have loved Howie Mandel for ages and I really like Mrs O.


There were some great singers on yesterday's X-Factor. They had an interesting piece about showing one woman contestant and her sister making snide comments about other singers. Of course, the contestant was awful and didn't even get past the first audition. The woman they were laughing about having a run in her stocking was amazing and all the judges loved her. I should have known that is the way it would end.

America's Got Talent has a variety of acts in the finals. A comedian, a dance troupe, a singer, an artist, a dog act and I'm not sure what else. Like last year's winner, I don't expect to see the winner again. I'm rooting for either the dog act or the comedian.

Watching these shows is a nice pastime and you sometimes get to witness some amazing talent. They are both somehow more entertaining than American Idol, which takes itself so seriously these days. I am not impressed with the new judges chosen for this year's show and may not be watching. I had gotten to the point where I was just watching the auditions and losing interest after that.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Goodbye summer


Summer is fading away, on its last legs. Not a cloud in the sky and as hot as a day in August. The Ex is over for another year. I haven't been in years but it was always part of my summer as a teenager. You know when the Ex was over that school beckoned. It was not a happy time for me. But the Ex was fun and that was all that mattered. I saw the best concerts of my life at the Ex: David Cassidy, The Beach Boys, The Police; and Bruce Springsteen.

The very first time I went to the Ex was in 1969. It was our first summer in Toronto. I won a huge pink furry cat. I held onto that thing for years. In later years, I went with my friend Lyn and then Anne.

September was always a stressful time for me. School was not a great time. I am thankful that high school is far behind me. College was much better, I hit my stride there. I discovered then that I had some talent for writing. Although, I did write poems throughout my teens. I still have the grey notebook I wrote them in. I'll have to go find them again.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Doctor Who in 9 hours

I am so looking forward to the start of the new Doctor Who season which starts tonight. I am such a geek. I love that show so much. I am a Doctor Who viewer from way back in the very first season. In fact, it's the first television show that I remember. We were living in Scotland at the time and I was 5 when the show began. It has been a part of my life ever since.

As a child, I played with a toy Dalek. I was never one for girly toys, I also had a Batmobile. I did have dolls but preferred to play with cars and my Lego.

Doctor Who got me into science fiction. I remember watching all of the sci-fi shows in the 60s. During the 70s and early 80s, Doctor Who was only available on PBS in the US. It was a highlight of my week to watch it. I am sure Doctor Who is the reason I became such a Trekkie in the 80s.

I am so happy that Doctor Who is now broadcast around the world without a delay of months or even years, as it seemed in the 80s. I have been watching videos all week about Doctor Who and the actors involved. I joined a page on Facebook that has the best stuff.  Doctor Who and The Tardis is definitely the place to get the latest news.

In the meantime, I am passing time watching the new Star Trek movie; I hadn't seen it before and I am enjoying it so far.


I managed to find a live stream and watched the show on the BBC. This was a great season opener. Of course, I watched it again on SPACE at 9 PM.  Next week's looks good "Dinosaurs on a space ship!"

Monday, August 20, 2012

Election weary

I don't even live in the United States but I am tired of the presidential election already...and there is still three months to go. The name calling has gotten ridiculous. No one can ever disagree with anyone else without being called an idiot or worse. The opposition are all evil and all un-American.

Thank goodness our elections in Canada don't get to this level. But, if you read comments on Facebook you will see the same name calling is growing in this country too. Whatever happened to intelligent, civilized debate?

I know the Internet is not real life and most people would not speak that way if they were face to face with another person. However, it really is depressing sometimes. So many people seem to be losing the ability to feel empathy for another person, to put themselves in another's shoes.

We really have to be kinder to each other and to act like a proper society or this world will only get worse and more violent in deeds and words.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Time Flies

I really try to be dedicated to posting on this blog but real life always seems to get in the way. I really need to pick it up. I write so much for other people that I need a place where I can let my mind go free.

Working on a couple of ebooks, a novel and getting more work from Scripted :) Definitely not going back to working in an office if I can help it. Going to take a couple of professional courses to give me more credentials.