Monday, August 20, 2012

Election weary

I don't even live in the United States but I am tired of the presidential election already...and there is still three months to go. The name calling has gotten ridiculous. No one can ever disagree with anyone else without being called an idiot or worse. The opposition are all evil and all un-American.

Thank goodness our elections in Canada don't get to this level. But, if you read comments on Facebook you will see the same name calling is growing in this country too. Whatever happened to intelligent, civilized debate?

I know the Internet is not real life and most people would not speak that way if they were face to face with another person. However, it really is depressing sometimes. So many people seem to be losing the ability to feel empathy for another person, to put themselves in another's shoes.

We really have to be kinder to each other and to act like a proper society or this world will only get worse and more violent in deeds and words.