Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sunnyside Home and Walk and Roll

I had planned to take part in a walkathon today at the Sunnywide Home in Kitchener. I work out at their Wellness Centre three times a week and I like the atmosphere of the place. There were two parts to the walkathon; one 3.4KM walk and one 1.5KM walk and roll. Only the longer walk happened due to continuing rain.

It started raining last night when I was reading in bed, around 10 PM. When I woke up in the morning around 6 AM it was pouring. The walk was to take place at 11 AM so I hoped it would dry up by then. But, at 11 AM it was still raining and it was too wet to take wheel chairs outside. I have a slight mobility problem so I was taking part in that. I had brought my cane just in case.

We did get to see the warm up for the walkers taking part in the longer walk. The guy who let this group was just a bundle of energy; I was tired just watching him.

So, in lieu of the walk, we were entertained by a jazz band made up of some residents and friends. I have to say, they were very good. A hot dog lunch was provided for all of those who registered to take part in the walk. I sat with a couple of women I have seen around the Home frequently.

I managed to get a hand massage while I was there. She said I had tension in my hands and lower arms; must be all the time I spend on the computer. It felt incredibly good. I could have had a free massage too but I passed, it was busy every time I walk by that area.  There were also raffles and door prizes; I won nothing.

The walkathon raised over $40,000 for Sunnyside. This will pay for ceiling lifts and physiotherapy equipment.

So, I did not get to walk but I did get a nifty pink t-shirt that will now be my workout t-shirt.

The rain is gone now, it is sunny and warm and humid. Tomorrow should be a very nice day.

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