Friday, June 22, 2012

The Future

Thinking today about what the future holds. I still haven`t found an office job after a year of searching. I do have my writing, but it doesn`t pay the bills yet. If I don`t get anything in the next month...when my EI runs out...I will be withdrawing some funds from my RRSP. It will be enough to last me a year and in that time I hope to become a full-time freelancer; I was amazed how little I got by on last year so I can definitely make this money last a year. My new business cards came today for my writing. I was thinking if I submit anything to local newspapers or to magazines that I include one with my query.

The more I am out of an office environment, the less I want to go back to that life. I am tired of always having to work for someone else where I am not appreciated.

I would like to start writing e-books, but coming up with topics is proving difficult. I do have a couple of ideas; I was bullied as a child and possibly an e-book about my personal experiences might go over well. Same as writing a book genealogy and what I have learned researching my own family. I also have an idea for a novel loosely based on my last job. I have gotten as far as writing down some character sketches.

It`s just a matter of writing. I am ghost writing a business blog which pays half my expenses for the month; I could definitely handle more gigs like that. Hopefully, PureSource will make good on the promise of writing a daily blog; haven`t heard anything since last week but it may be because they are trying to match writers to gigs.

I like the freedom of the work-at-home lifestyle. I like choosing my own hours, wearing whatever I want, working outside on the balcony, and of course, I love the writing. I have wanted to be a writer for years and I actually feel like I am one now. Maybe this is how it was meant to be for me; starting over at 55.

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